Software Audio Inputs

Install Existential Audio’s Blackhole software

1) To use music software as the audio input to FREQUIA, you will need to install Existential Audio’s free Blackhole software from
Follow the prompts and download and install 'BlackHole 2ch‘.

Start Playback

2) Open your music software (e.g., Spotify) and press play on a track, ensuring the volume is at maximum in your software.

Change the System Output

3) Click on Apple Icon > System Preferences > Sound.
4) Click on the Output tab.
5) Double-click on ‘BlackHole 2ch’.
The Mac System Sound setup window
Your system audio will cut out at this stage, this is normal.


6) Launch FREQUIA and create or load a training file.
7) Open the Audio Settings window by clicking on Settings > Audio Settings in the menubar.
8) Click on the Input Device drop-down menu and select BlackHole 2ch.
The Audio Settings pop-up window
Ensure the power button at the bottom of the Audio Settings window is blue, if not, click it until it turns blue.
9) Close the Audio Settings window.
10) Click on the Audio Files button in the top-right of the Waveform window (see arrow below). The button will change to Software Input and you will hear the track playing through FREQUIA.
The Audio Files / Software Input button in the Waveform view
You can switch between playing imported audio files and software input at any time by clicking on the Audio Files / Software Input button.
Don’t forget to change your system output back to its previous setting after using FREQUIA, by double-clicking on MacBook Pro Speakers in Step 5 above.