Performance Analytics

FREQUIA stores and analyzes every detail of every question and answer, creating a powerful dataset that is used to display your performance analytics and power FREQUIA's Adaptive Training mode.

The default Performance display shows frequency-specific analytics. The total number of questions in which you were required to identify the frequency (including advanced questions where you additionally identified gain and/or Q) is shown. The average ‘frequency accuracy’ is also shown, which displays the percentage of correct responses to the frequency parameter.

Using the drop-down arrow, the performance display can be changed to display Overall analytics that includes Training Mode-specific analytics, Gain-specific analytics, and Q-specific analytics.

Note that the drop-down menu is inactive during a training session.

At this stage, changing the display to Overall will show the same number of questions and accuracy score, as you have only trained with the frequency parameter.

There’s nothing to see in the Gain or Q performance analytics as you have not yet trained on these parameters.

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