What is FREQUIA?

FREQUIA® is the culmination of over a decade of research into critical listening and technical ear training. The result is an expert technical ear training application that was painstakingly designed to be both advanced and simple to use; everything you need and nothing you don’t.

FREQUIA trains you to develop an internal reference (long-term memory) for the sound of a multitude of filters and equalizers applied at various frequencies, gain levels, and Q values. By training with FREQUIA, you'll learn to identify and correct problem frequencies faster, sculpt sounds with more accuracy, and hear increasingly subtle differences in timbre.

Forget answering random questions, FREQUIA's Adaptive Training mode provides personalized training based on your unique performance profile. You'll save hours by spending less time training on what you know and more time training where you need to improve.

We trust you’ll enjoy using FREQUIA as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Team Zipper Noise®

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